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Our main task is to repair everything,
and quickly at that.

The complete range of services

Project management included.

German Dry Docks stands for Full Care Solutions. You won’t have to take care of anything. The spectrum covers all services in excellent quality craftsmanship. We ensure the fast, needs-based and smooth completion of all tasks according to highest standards.

Small ships, large ships, routine work, special orders – the diversity of projects and challenges is large. German Dry Docks covers the entire portfolio – from damage repair, to maintenance and servicing, to class work. Retrofitting is a growing business area. We have developed great expertise in subsequently upgrading ships with the latest technology.

A responsible technical project manager is in charge of each project – from the first customer talks to cost calculation to delivery and invoicing. This “one-face-to-the-customer” principle guarantees smooth communication between the client and the contractor as well as within the entire team.

Excerpt from our portfolio:

Large-scale projects and public contracts

No limits
Our core task: Management of complex large-scale projects and public contracts. We have the expertise and the capacities:

  • Motivated employees who give their all
  • Central location at the Kaiserhafen in Bremerhaven
  • A network of shipyards and specialist companies in Bremerhaven, the centre of excellence for technical maritime transport
  • A unique infrastructure consisting of a multitude of docks, pier facilities, cranes and everything a modern shipyard needs
  • Certification in all relevant areas of work
  • Ballast water treatment systems
  • Emission reduction scrubbers (SOx and NOx)
  • Expert services for analysis and design

In each case, we respond prudently and initiate the appropriate measures to ensure that your ship can regain momentum in a very short time.


All inclusive
Most people do not like the idea of being left high and dry. However, for ships it is a necessity that involves a lot of work. We take care of this for you, both before and after.

Services such as docking your ship, scaffolding, carpentry, providing supply terminals and all transports are carried out by an experienced logistics team – precisely and on schedule. Our docks are furthermore ideally prepared for future pod drives and your underwater hull equipment. The keel blocks can be raised to more than 3,400 mm at record speed. There is virtually no limit to the weight of your ship when docking. Ships with a draught of over 10 metres can be docked.

Our Excellence Partners for dock management, repairs and maintenance can be found at:






No limits
The core mission of our Excellence-Partner BREDO Dry Docks: fix everything and do it fast. From small fishing trawlers to ships of the Panmax class, from slight damage to severe accidents, from coarse to fine. BREDO Dry Docks has the expertise.

Our mobile excellence partners for travel and harbour repairs can be found at:


We get you moving again
Also in engineering we have versatile special experience regarding the repair and maintenance of ships. Whatever is necessary for the repair or conversion of a ship in terms of mechanical engineering – we accomplish it. With the right tools, know-how and a high level of motivation, our engineering experts perform even the trickiest tasks. The range includes, inter alia:

  • Drive shafts, rudders and propellers
  • Bow and stern thrusters
  • Pumps, winches and fittings
  • Deck equipment, loading and unloading facilities, and much more

Within our network of excellence, MWB Marine Services is at our side when it comes to engines. MWB Marine Services repairs, overhauls and modernises all 2- and 4-stroke engines, coolers, turbochargers, gear units as well as injection systems. Our engineering experts also install new diesel and gas engines and carry out LNG retrofits for you.

Our Excellence Partners for Engineering & Engines can be found at:



Green Shipping Solutions
A conversion process that is efficient and as fast as possible, is always our ultimate goal. With regard to the optimal design of the value chain of the product "ship", we strive to strategically and continuously develop the entire process chain of retrofitting. We identify those ship systems, whose replacement pays off and try to select compatible "green" technologies that are ideally suited for the ship.

Currently the focus is on retrofitting with modern flue gas scrubbers and the conversion to alternative fuel concepts (e.g. LNG). The competence of our Excellence Partner MWB Marine Services with over 60 years of experience in engine and service, is a key benefit.

Our Excellence Partners for Retrofit can be found at:


Steel is our business
Welding is the prerequisite for safety, furthermore a versatile craft – and sometimes a real art. The high security regulations necessitate higher quality standards. Our professionals have extensive experience and know how – and in addition they have good grades at the regular certifications carried out by authorities and classification societies. The large number of connections between different types of steel corresponds to the number of welding techniques we use. 


Systems and facilities of all kinds
Whether in the context of repairs, alterations or refit measures: We have the know-how and the capacities to install modern and environmentally friendly systems and installations of all kinds on board your ship. Of course, this also includes systems that are provided directly by you.

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